ECON 221 Introduction to International Economics

Textbook: R. C. Feenstra & A. M. Taylor, "International Economics" F. 2017, Sp. 2018, F. 2018, Sp. 2019, F. 2019, Sp. 2020, F. 2021


ECON 421 Multinational Corporations

Textbook: K. Head, "Elements of Multinational Strategy" SP. 2019, F. 2019, F. 2021


ECON 119 Principles of Economics

G. N. Mankiw, "Principles of Economics"

Fall 2018



Student Comments

Independent Graduate Student Instructor

EC 313 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory

Textbook: N. G. Mankiw, "Macroeconomics"

Summer 2014, Spring 2015


EC 380 International Economic Issues

Textbook: S. Husted & M. Melvin, "International Economics"

Fall 2015, Winter 2016, Summer 2016


EC 461 Industrial Organization & Public Policy

Textbook: W. K. Viscusi, J. E. Harrington, & J. M. Vernon, "Economics of Regulation and Antitrust"

Fall 2016 (In Progress)


"Felix is clearly very passionate about what he teaches. That passion motivates me to work hard in his class and strive for success. He was also attentive to our needs as a class and made sure he was doing everything he could to foster our success."

        - EC 221: Intro to Int'l Economics, Fall 2019

"The professor strongly encouraged participation; he always stopped to ask if we had questions, asked us to present papers to the class, and gave us sufficient time and information to feel empowered to participate in discussions and pose any questions or concerns that we had."

        - EC 494: Intro to Int'l Economics, Fall 2019


"Felix is by far my favorite economics professor. He is extremely smart and explains the content in many different ways. Also, he connects the content to real world events and applications so that we learn how important the material is and why it is so interesting. I am disappointed that I will only have one more year to take a course from him. He is the reason why I am searching for internships related to international business and finance."

        - EC 221: Intro to Int'l Economics, Fall 2018

"Professor Friedt has taught me a lot, and has made me want to become an econ major. Although this class is very difficult, and he prides himself on it, most of the material is very interesting. He teaches the material well and his lectures and test are fair if you know the material exceptionally well. […]"

        - EC 221: Intro to Int'l Economics, Fall 2018

"He is constantly looking to improve his teaching and is working toward being more inclusive of female and minority students. He is supportive, kind, and passionate."

         - EC 119: Principles of Economics, Fall 2018

"Felix is a great instructor. His presence encourages class attendance. In lecture he speaks clearly and is organized. He is patient when answering questions. He is clearly passionate about his students' learning. He takes notice if many people in the class struggle with a concept. Feedback and criticism are well-received and worked on. He is also just a charismatic and respectable person."

          - EC 380: International Economic Issues, Winter 2016

"He was very clear in his instructions and in the way he explained ideas and concepts. He offered multiple view points and left us to form our own opinions. He always encourages participation and questions and made sure to answer all questions before moving onto the next subject. He asked the class how he could improve the course and he took our opinions into consideration and acted upon them. I really enjoyed this class thanks to him."

          - EC 380: International Economic Issues, Winter 2016